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Alcohol Dependence (SADD)

The following questions cover a wide range of topics related to drinking. Please read each question carefully but do not think too much about its exact meaning. Think about your MOST RECENT drinking habits and answer each question by choosing MOST APPROPRIATE option.

1. Do you find difficulty in getting the thought of a drink out of your mind?

2. Is getting drunk more important than your next meal?

3. Do you plan your day around when and where you can drink?

4. Do you drink in the morning, afternoon and evening?

5. Do you drink for the effect of alcohol without caring what the drink is?

6. Do you drink as much as you want irrespective of what you are doing the next day?

7. Given that many problems might be caused by alcohol do you still drink too much?

8. Do you know that you won't be able to stop drinking once you start?

9. Do you try to control your drinking by giving it up completely for days or weeks at a time?

10. The morning after a heavy drinking session do you need your first drink to get yourself going?

11. The morning after a heavy drinking session do you wake up with a definite shakiness of your hands?

12. After a heavy drinking session do you wake up and retch or vomit?

13. The morning after a heavy drinking session do you go out of your way to avoid people?

14. After a heavy drinking session do you see frightening things that later you realize were imaginary?

15. Do you go drinking and the next day find you have forgotten what happened the night before?



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About the test

Source: Raistrick, D., Dunbar G. & Davidson, R. (1983): Development of a questionnaire to measure alcohol dependence, British Journal of Addiction, 78, 89 - 95.

*background questions 16 and 17 added